Based on Images. Photos by Jason Ayers

Cane. Photos by Alec Himwich

Rock and My Soul. Photos by Jason Ayers

Balance. Photos by Jason Ayers

Voypas: Observation / Surveillance / Voyeurism. Photos by Jason Ayers


Based on Images explores the social aftermath of the Hurricane Katrina disaster.

Bosket Affair, based on the true story of convicted murderer Willie Bosket, explores the familial and cultural roots that lead to violence in our society.

Elida and Twenty Rising, an abstract work, illuminates human relationships through movement.

The Dissembled Life transforms poetry from Wisteria: Poems from the Swamp Country, by Kwame Dawes into a multi-media dance work.


Migratuse Ataraxia

Based on Images


Above:  Migratuse Ataraxia film footage. Property of Wideman-Davis Dance. Artist: John Green. Migratuse Ataraxia film footage. Property of Wideman-Davis Dance. Artist: Tanya Wideman-Davis. Voypas. Photo by Travis Teate. Artists: Emily Tedesco and Thaddeus Davis.

Past Works:  Migratuse Ataraxia at Hampton Preston Mansion, Columbia, SC. Photo by Sean Rayford. Artists;  Petra Everson and John Green. Based on Images. Photo by Jason Ayers. Artists: Amber Mayberry, Kalin Marrow, Jeremy Bannon Neches, Kalin Marrow, Thaddeus Davis, and Tanya Wideman-Davis. Voypas. Photo by Travis Teate. Artists: Kalin Marrow and Thaddeus Davis.