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Each residency brings new opportunities—as well as joint responsibilities—that can lead to fruitful collaborations with your community. Learn about our process, our model for working in communities, our impact, and the presenters, colleges, dance companies, and schools that have worked with us.

Together, we discuss possibilities, consider challenges, and generate initial ideas. In a preliminary conversation, we consider your goals, community and audiences, and explore mutually beneficial possibilities, including the responsibilities for both us as artists as well as your organization and community. Our engagements with historically white spaces sometimes require their staff to do a different kind of work to build or strengthen relationships with their Black communities.

For Performing Arts Centers and their Communities
Residencies are always designed collaboratively. They begin with the community to be involved: its interests, challenges and needs. We are open to working with artists, educators, and leaders from fields inside and outside of dance, including faith leaders, elders, teachers, historians, and students.

For Dance Companies
Companies often come to us with an idea in mind: a new work for their season, a concept to be explored with their dancers, or a challenge to be addressed with their students or the broader community. We begin with that idea and together discuss options.

For Colleges
We are currently working in hybrid online environments or in person, on campus. Some of our most impactful residencies in higher education involved collaborations across art forms and academic departments. Learn more about our work with colleges.

Hybrid Environments
Since 2020, we have devised mechanisms, concepts and content for working online in virtual environments. Learn more and see examples.

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Thank you for your interest. Addressing these questions will allow us to prepare for a response or conversation together.


Migratuse Ataraxia

Based on Images


Above: Migratuse Ataraxia at Hampton Preston Mansion, Columbia, SC. Photo by Sean Rayford. Artists: Petra Everson. Audience Participants: Frenche Brewer and Martha Brim.
I hoch X in Kaiserslautern, Germany. Photo by Thomas Brenner.  Artists: Tanya Wideman-Davis and Thaddeus Davis. Etta and James. Photo by Star Reese. Artists: Thaddeus Davis and Tanya Wideman-Davis. 
Past Works: credits here.