Created through collaborations with multimedia artists and scholars and set on Wideman/Davis Dance.

2015 Ruptured Silence: Racist Symbolism and Signs
2014 We Hold These Truths…
2013 Cane (Derived from Cane, Jean Toomer’s 1923 Harlem Renaissance novel) Performed by Wideman/Davis Dance and SLIPPAGE: Performance|Culture|Technology
2012 Based on Images

Social Issues
Created in response to the connections we developed in the communities where we have lived.

2012 Reveal 
2011 The Dissembled Life (Derived from the book Wisteria: Poems from the Swamp Country, by Kwame Dawes) 
2009 Balance
2008 Bosket Affair (Derived from Fox Butterfield’s book, All God’s Children: The Bosket Family and the American Tradition of Violence
2005 The Bends of Life


Abstract or Pure Movement Works
Celebrating pure physicality, these works, all set on Wideman/Davis Dance, explore human relationships, connections, and disconnects.

2011 Voypas
2011 Fragmentation
2010 Woman & Man
2008 Rock and My Soul
2008 Etta and James
2008 Elida and Twenty Rising

Works for Professional Dance Companies
These works were created for other professional dance companies and commissioned choreography projects.

2013 Dance Theatre of Harlem, past-carry-forward
2011 Dance Theatre of Harlem, Harlem 2.0
2010 Nevada Ballet Theater, An Incandescent Start
2009 Harlem Stages E-Moves, New York “Legends and Legacies” (Tanya Wideman-Davis
paired with Virginia Johnson and Thaddeus Davis paired with Donald Byrd)
2007 Nashville Ballet, Events Taken Slowly
2007 Quorum Ballet, The Other Side of The Sea
2007 Ballet Austin II, The Monologue Project
2006 Ballet Classical Dominican, Where Time Stands Still
2006 Ballet Austin, Majestic Days and Fervent Nights
2005 Ballet Memphis, Mercurial Balance
2005 Ballet Classical Dominican, Things in Order Before They Exist
2004 Ballet NY, Vivaldian Chat
2004 Spectrum Dance Theater, Tantric Voices
2003 Configurations Dance Company, Situation Red
2003 Phrenic New Ballet, High Low Short and Tight
2002 Ballet NY, Once Before Twice After
2002 Complexions Contemporary Ballet & Ballet Austin, Let the Fools Stand in Line