Our Audiences




We have worked and connected with audiences of all ages, from children to older adults, in engagements with presenters, colleges, and community settings across the country. We bring extensive experience in higher education. Geographically, we have worked with audiences in large urban centers and rural settings, in every region of the country. In designing residencies, we draw from our audiences’ own curiosity and interests in issues, as well as their movement and life experiences. Just a few examples of how residencies are tailored to audiences:

  • Alongside a professional dance company in the South, we worked with secondary school students on five campuses, to engage them in thought and dialogue about discrimination and bullying. Read the story.
  • With a university-based performing arts center in the West, we designed an extended residency around our work past-carry-forward, based on the Great Migration. Classes and lectures in dance and history, both on and off campus, built relationships with college students, community groups, and a Baptist congregation. Read about the lasting effects.
  • Working with the Visiting Assistant Professor and Assistant Director, we were brought to campus to advise MFA students, helping guide their thesis work and independent research projects. Read the story.